Monday, May 13, 2013

Favorite DIY Wreath!

I am so excited about this wreath. I have been planning it in my head for too long, and tonight I decided to bite the bullet and just make it already. So glad I did, because I love it!

I found this awesome chevron burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby back in the fall, and bought a few rolls. I used one for Thanksgiving and have been saving the others for a special project.
For this wreath I used:
1 Straw Wreath Form
2 rolls 6 in Chevron Burlap Ribbon
1 roll 2 in Off white burlap ribbon (not the whole roll)
Scrape Fabric
Hot Glue
Florist Greening Pins
I started by bunching the first roll, pinning around the top of the wreath. Here you can see how the pins hold really well.
With the second roll I bunched around the inside of the wreath pinning the open ends of the first roll down.

The pins, they are awesome, and I can always find them at Michaels.

Flowers: Start with circles (I like thick flowers so I use 8 circles per flower. And a small round base where you will glue your petals.
Fold circles in half and then half again, glue tips in the center of the base.
One the send set of petal I like to place them by centering them in the crease of the previous petals. For the center petal, use however many circles will fill the flower. If you bunch with two hand you will get four parts touching, glue that area inside the petal.

Then just glue in the middle! Yay!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dinning Table Redo

It's been too long. I've been prolonging posting about my dining table, wanting to get a better beauty shot, but keep forgetting, so here goes. 
This was another estate sale find, I can't remember the exact costs, less than $300 after paint:) The table has 6 chairs, and this was a daunting task. The rails on the chair backs were very time consuming, I painted for way too long. Next time I will know what type of chair to look for, but until then I am very happy with my table. It is the backdrop for most of my photos, and I do 90% of my work, eating, crafting, editing, etc... right here and sometimes all at once.
I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White for the base and the chairs and a dark stain for the top. This stain turned out so beautifully, and really shows the grain of the wood. My favorite tool for this redo was Denatured Alcohol (DA). This and steal wool made this table top perfect. DA is very strong and can ruin furniture if you are not careful, but it can also help clean up mistakes with stain, or just thin out spots you don't care for.

Oh, you gotta love those cushions:) "Before"

The "After" this was this past Thanksgiving 2012.

Pretty flowers from my parents for a great center piece!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY Large Monogram

 This was a super fun/challenging project. I'm sure you have seen the large wooden monograms for front doors/wreathes/mantles where ever:) Well, I set out to make my own. Now, I have used a skill saw, but I am by no means ready for that challenge. So the next best thing.... foam board and a hot knife.
I have been eyeing a hot knife, but didn't know what I would use it for until this project. A hot knife is like a electric exacto knife/caroling iron with a blade. They come with different ends and even a few decorative accents you could burn into wood.
So, using Monogram KK Font (free from I made my monogram (for my friends wedding). Then, I used a projector and traced it onto a foam board. Using my hot knife I began cutting. It was completely cut out in no time, so I did a few. I suggest practicing your cuts on empty board space. My third one was the best, and I cut from the back of the monogram so that I had a nice shaddow.
I spray painted the board after with no problem. Sometimes foam board will warp it's shape so have a easy hand with the paint. Then, the glitter. I started with decoupage, but my last one I learned it was best to use spray glue then glitter. Honestly the glitter was the hardest part, making sure you get every curve. I would love to use German glitter glass, but this project is to big (that's too costly for me) so I went with the always dependable Martha Stewart fine glitter. It is my most favorite brand of glitter to use.
Of course, I questioned my work, felt it was bumpy or whatever, but the bride LOVED it! We put on on the wall behind the buffet and the other on the DJ table. With all that glitter the lights made it look amazing!

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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Emergency Kit

I have had the pleasure of working a few weddings. But this was by far the nearest to my heart. I am a firm believe in "The Emergency Kit"! Having items on hand reduces stress by a million for me.
My kit is listed below. Items are categorized, bagged and labeled (the categories are up to you, whatever helps you remember where to find something).

First Aid:
Hand Sani
Allergy Meds, Advil, Imodium, Pepto,Tums
Neosporin, Bacterial Wash
Alcohol Wipes (good for shellac nail shine as well)

Nail Clippers
Cuticle Clippers
Clear Polish
Cuticle Pusher (that stick thing)

New (spare)toothbrush
Disposable brushes
Listerine Strips
Floss Picks
Measuring Tape
Flash light
Binder Clips
Tape (Scotch/Duct)
All in one tool
Polish Remover
Baby Oil
Make up Towelettes
Shower Cap
Baby Powder
Bobby Pins
Hair Ties (clear)
Iron on Hem Tape
Sewing kit
Lint Roller
Measuring Tape
Clorox Wipes
Wet Ones
Chalk (for dress)
Downy wrinkle release
Phone Charger
Audio Cord
Usb (empty)
Back up SD cards
Camera Charger
VGA Cable (if showing video)
HDMI Cable (if showing video)

So I bagged all my items, put labels on the bags, and the bags in a small overnight/large tote bag. Then threw in tissues/fans/snacks.

You never know what you will encounter when stores are closed, or moments before the big event. There are times when I use one item and times when I go through everything. But, I am always happy to have this bag.

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Rehearsal Bouquet

Wow! I am still recovering from MY best friends wedding. It was a time to remember. Prepare for lots of wedding posts as I highlight different aspects. To kick it off I am starting with the bouquet made for the rehearsal. My friend Jenny Kaye is a go big or go home kinda girl. She had hundreds of bows from her shower, and asked how to make the rehearsal bouquet. Traditionally you stick the bows to a plate and call it a day, but we are too fun for that!
Using a styrofoam ball I centered it on a cardboard roll. The rolls inside decomesh are really firm, and worked perfectly. I used bobby pins to secure the bows, I tried flower pins, but the bobby pins I had on hand, and held really well. I wrapped the cardboard roll in bows. I secured the base with hot glue.
The fun stuff... one gift was topped with a mardi gras mask, and the color bows all went on last. For her bachelorette party we went to New Orleans, so I had to add a few beads afterwards. For my sweet mardi gras, New Orleans loving friend this bouquet turned out perfectly!

First Look at the Bouquet

The Beautiful Couple

Close up!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Bunny

Well, April 2012 was an Easter Bunny. I thought of him like a mullet, business in the front party in the back. This year one of my best friends is getting married, and this bunny is ready to party. Get ready for lots of wedding post. Jenny Kaye and I have been friends since high school, and for as long as I have known her she has loved all things pink, sparkly, britney spears, hello kitty and Marilyn. So, this bunny had a pink and polka dot make over (polka dots are another love). Topped off with glittery nose and ears. I can't wait to celebrate this wonderful couples big day!